Directed by Bobby DeJesus

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Dolores, an immigrant in an abusive relationship, where there’s a child involved, has decided to leave her precarious situation. However, she will depart leaving behind one, last, shockingly unforgettable gift.

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Director Biography – Bobby DeJesus

Bobby DeJesus, the Actor/Screenwriter/Director was born to Dominican parents and raised in New York City’s Washington Heights. He is a graduate of The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. His work as a screenwriter can be seen on youtube in the short film comedy “Fifi Patelito Goes to the DMV”, on the mobile platform Everybody Digital with his directorial debut “Indentured Servant” a short film drama and finally on the film festival circuit with his new creation “Dolores” a tale of leaving domestic violence behind.

Director Statement

Dolores is an open letter to The Patriarchy, to get it’s act together and do right by women. Then when you add in the advent of power imbalance, as seen in this film, where the “protector” is also the abuser, we see just how vulnerable a victim can be. According to a college study, domestic violence incidence in the general population is said to be at around 10% but it jumps to 40% in families of police departments, nationwide.


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