CULT: Fear is NOT of God

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While searching for clarity in her sexually tormented life; Sicily comes across Pastor Evans who promises her redemption if she chooses to join his flock. However, joining his flock means they’ll both get something neither expected.

5f04b394b1 headshotDirector Biography – Swisyzinna

Swisyzinna made her directing debut in theatre with the hit stage play “Dreamgirls.” After her initial debut she began directing children’s shows, 2 person scenes for competitions, multiple stage plays and eventually moving onto independent film. Since her cross over from stage to film she has directed a pilot, several shorts, a feature and 16 episodes of a Emmy pre-nominated web-series called Stepford Sidechix. Swisyzinna has no plans on slowing down in the directing world. With the desire to move from the indie world into mainstream; She now has found a mentor in the NBC Universal director Leslie Small where she gets to ask as many questions as she can muster and shadow him on projects. Under the continuance of amazing tutelage, some old and some new, her opportunities will be unlimited and her growth bountiful.

Director Statement

As a child, I would visit my family in Tennessee and remembered seeing a church environment that was confusing to my 8 year old brain. I later identified it as a Cult. As an adult I was privy to multiple people who were raised in a Cult and began to piece together the events I had witnessed. Between my childish memories and adult imagination CULT: Fear is NOT of God was created. I am personally attached to this story because it is loosely based on true events.

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