Directed by Michael Vargas

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A woman’s cozy night home alone turns deadly after an endless string of terrifying neighborhood crime alerts bombard her phone with warnings of a killer on the loose who’s actually closer than she thinks.

Director Biography – Michael Vargas

Michael Vargas is an accomplished director, editor, and cinematographer with a rich background in photography and visual arts. His body of work includes content for global brands like Apple, Nike, GQ, Diesel, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and for media companies like Sony TV Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment, VH1, Vice, and ID Magazine. Michael co-founded Friends We Love with his wife and creative partner, Moni Vargas. Together, they quickly made a name for themselves in the NYC music, film, and street art scene by creating a series of short docs featuring international musicians and artists. In 2010, Michael got the call of a lifetime to join Will Smith and his family for a journey around the world shooting and editing content for Will’s production company Overbrook Entertainment. Before you can say action, he was directing and editing a series of visually stunning music videos, branded content, behind the scenes docs, and travel concert films for Will, Jada, and their talented kids, Jaden, Willow, and Tre. Most recently he is setting his sights and energy back into narrative filmmaking, writing and directing unapologetic, genre-bending films. He continues to expand his reel with commercial and branded content showcasing his rich, visual storytelling style, and supportive collaborative nature.

Director’s Statement

I love to tell stories and make movies that reshape the Latino perspective away from one-dimensional stereotypes and closer to an authentic and nuanced representation of our vibrancy, tenacity, and amazingness.

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