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Saturday October 7, 2017 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
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Your Mom Says Hi! Is a Sketch Comedy Show starring Best Friends, Carlie Mantilla, a half Mexican straight girl & Doni Carley, a lesbian from Idaho. The show parodies contemporary culture from a fresh and unique perspective while maintaining a positive message. The sketches range from the girls playing themselves (Their Sunday morning routine, writing sessions, running into Doni’s straight ex girlfriend), to characters (Carlie as a spicy Sophia Vergara and Doni as a slightly butch Reese Witherspoon) and even music videos of their own original songs from their hour-long stage show (Camel Toe, We’re Broke, Put Out or Get Out, to name a few). Carlie and Doni were named best comedians in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine and Funny or Die featured their music video “Gangsta Waitress” which has cameos by both Lily Tomlin and Richard Lewis. If Inside Amy and Broad City had a baby that played music, spoke Spanish and loved boobs, Your Mom Says Hi! Would be born!


Director Biography

Rocco Urbisci is an American director, producer and film and television writer.

Urbisci is best known for writing such films and television shows as Richard Pryor’s Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling, The Richard Pryor Show and the made for television sequel to The Jerk entitled The Jerk, Too with Mark Blankfield replacing Steve Martin in the lead.

Urbisci worked frequently with comedian George Carlin and produced and directed many of Carlin’s comedy specials.

He won an Emmy for producing the 1981 Lily Tomlin comedy special Lily: Sold Out.