Cal & V directed by Timothy Offor

Wednesday, September 26th
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM



Shot primarily in one take, this film depicts a moment in the lives of two former lovers. Cal Reese, a movie star, fresh off a career comeback, returns to the old neighborhood in order to reclaim his one true love, Vanessa. To his surprise, Vanessa resists his advances, protecting her heart from another abandonment. Cal persists as they stroll down memory lane; deflecting the dissenting opinions of old friends and concerned neighbors. When they can go no further, Vanessa must decide whether the depths of old wounds run deeper than the waters of forgiveness.

Director’s Biography

Timothy Offor is a young, independent minded filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. His mother never had a car when he was growing up but shuttled him all over New York City participating in a variety of sporting activities, guitar lessons and acting school. Their mode of transportation was the New York City subway system.

Throughout his academic career, Offor excelled in writing and literature classes. While at The Pennsylvania State University, he took classes under American creative nonfiction writer Toby Thompson. Thompson recommended that Offor consider a career as a writer as he believed he had the necessary talent. While at Penn State, Offor took an elective film class and became hooked on movies. He completed his Penn State education with B.A.’s in English and Media Studies.

His films have played at several film festivals, including, the Harlem International film festival, the Big Bear Lake International film festival, Project Catalyst, Cannes, and the Palm Springs shorts fest. He is currently completing post production on his thesis film, Cal & V, an idea developed from two feature films he has written. Upon completion he will earn his MFA from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Director Statement

Born and raised in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY, or the 90s as people from the neighborhood call it, I have never forgotten my roots. This film is a love story that takes place in the inner-city with a diverse cast. Often these neighborhoods are portrayed stereotypically or in negative lights. This film is an opportunity to show a more positive view of the neighborhood and gives us the chance to tell a love story in a place where love is not often expressed on screen. It follows two successful people, Cal, a movie star, and V, his ex-girlfriend, now a lawyer; as they walk down the street and talk about their past relationship. Inspired by Spike Lee, there is a specific quality to the way the neighborhood was filmed. We paid careful attention to show what residents value about their community.

Staying true to the authentic approach, I felt that we should film the story in one take. I wanted to give an authentic portrayal that felt real and the audience can see how the block works as the story unfolds in front of them. By the end of the film I felt that it was important to capture the final moments through a classic cinema approach and that is why we decided to go into traditional cuts. I believe it served the story well and was appropriate.

The simple structure of our film is inspired by movies like Nine Lives, where character relationships triumph over expensive production design. Our film follows two people, Cal & V, as they walk down the street and discuss their relationship. I believe that this is a film that most people will be able to relate to. Anyone who has ever been in love or a relationship will be able to identify. I hope that when people leave theaters they feel for the characters and are thinking about the complexities of love. Not just who’s side they are on but hopefully they have felt the characters and can relate.


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