2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION | By Foot: Busan and the Sea directed by Samuel R Mendez

This Film will be showing in Block 6
Saturday October 7, 2017 | 2:15 PM – 4:15 PM
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Walk through Busan in this stop-motion travel doc — and ode to solo travel.


Director Biography

Samuel R. Mendez

Samuel is a Chicago native who graduated from Harvard College in 2014, where he studied animation and global health.

His work focuses on the intersections between animation and live action, as well as fiction and nonfiction. Samuel’s films revolve around themes of the metropolis, food, inequalities, travel, and isolation. His favorite materials to animate are fruits, vegetables, and entire cities.

Director Statement

I was drawn to Busan by its relationship to the water and the mountains that make up its unique cityscape. The little details around the city made the biggest impression on me, and I tried to convey that sense of wonder and contemplation through animation.

As I walked through the city I felt like the bugs were just as mighty as the sunflowers, the murals, the mountains, and the skyline. I loved how many different worlds existed in the same city, and I tried to string together images that captured my experience traveling solo in this city.