Blood Sisters

This short film will screen with other short films in
The Opening Night Block – Block 4 | LAS JEFAS BLOCK
Friday, December 9th at 7pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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Three pre-teen girls Daphne, Ivy, and Hanna bond at summer camp through helping Daphne figure out how to deal with her first period.

Director Biography – Anastacia Puertas

Anastacia Puertas, age 21, holds a BFA in film and a minor in Fashion Design as a member of the Syracuse University Class of 2022. During her college career she has worked on 30+ projects in all departments, but ‘Blood Sisters’ is her first major debut as a filmmaker. She has a concentration in production design and is passionate about creating worlds that transport the audience even deeper into the story being told.

Anastacia’s other work and filmography can be found at her website at www.anastaciasofia.com

Director Statement

This film is a nostalgic letter home from camp and pays homage to my childhood and the awkward yet normal things that happen to us while growing up. I wanted to portray the film as a memory and conglomeration of stories, thus the hazy glow of the image. My goal is to evoke the feelings and memories of one’s own life and experiences. The film is set around 2012, which can be seen in the details of the set decoration. This year stands out in my childhood as the quintessential transition period between elementary school and middle school and therefore the perfect moment for a film about growing up. Many of the props and set pieces are actually from my childhood and were brought up from my home to add to the realism of the story and characters.

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