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Saturday October 7, 2017 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
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Two best friends are propositioned by a beautiful stranger in a bar. They try their hardest to push their comfort zone and have a sexy night with him but their competitive nature inevitably gets in the way.


Director Biography

Steve W. Thompson is an Emmy award-winning producer|editor|shooter for his work at Channel THIRTEEN WNET, which can be seen on a variety of PBS stations and digital platforms nationally. His work has been featured on SciTech Now, Treasures of NY, Metro Focus, PBS Digital Studios, and the PBS NewsHour Weekend. Steve additionally has edited and produced content at Al Jazeera America, MSNBC, and was an assistant editor on the feature length documentary “The Diplomat,” which debuted at The Tribeca Film festival and aired on HBO in 2015.

In his free time, Steve directs short films and promotional videos, collaborating with a variety of stand-up comics, improvisers, writers, producers and media professionals. His comedic short film “Be Sexy,” the 4th installment in a continuing collaboration with the sketch comedy duo RosaBaby, is currently in the festival submission phase. His previous short film “Almost One” debuted at the Coney Island Film Festival in 2016 and continues to find praise for it’s originality and unique vision.

Stay tuned for the trailer for “Hip Hop: Esta Vivo en Cuba”, a short film and 16 song album that offers a glimpse of Cuban Hip Hop during this epic time of change and uncertainty.

For more info on future projects visit stevewthompson.com/

Director Statement

Ever since childhood I have been interested in people’s stories. Understanding other people’s motivations and dreams has always helped give clarity to my own journey. As a kid, I used to sit in my room and create narratives around the things I read in books and saw on TV, never actually believing I could make a career of it one day. When I found skateboarding and punk rock in the mid 90’s, it taught me anything was possible. All you need is the fire and passion it takes to create, and the stubbornness to never let anyone tell you otherwise. I adopted a DIY philosophy, moved to Brooklyn, started bands, and began creating and promoting my work on my own terms. Today as a working editor, producer, and director I continue to bring that same approach to the stories I help tell. Whether it be narrative or documentary I try to bring the same passion to the work, and my connection to the characters is what ultimately allows me to invest a piece of myself into each project. Their stories are also my journey.