2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION | B.O.O.S.T. directed by Jeremiah Ocañas




For generations, the Rios, a working class family in Southern Texas lead by brothers Bobby and Oscar, their best friend Octavian, uncle Santos and cousin Tino, have survived as construction workers to support their families. But a darker side to their living is the underground family business of stealing construction equipment to support their vices and financial problems, in a small town lacking opportunity, that is passed on from father to son for a third time. This tight-knit family begins to collapse as stakes get higher and their larceny gets riskier. They are faced with the consequences and question their true values and whether these family habits, tolerated by the matriarch Lupe Rios, are worth the danger imposed on their children and others that depend on them. Based on true events.

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Director Biography

Jeremiah Ocañas is a multi-talented performer and entrepreneur. Acting has been a passion since he was first cast in the short film “Horseplay” shot in 1998 in his hometown of El Campo, Texas. He has played the lead role in the award-winning films “Drive By Chronicles: Ghostown,” “Choosing Signs” shot in Cork, Ireland, and “Homebound”, which he produced in El Campo. As co-founder and C.O.O. of Lone Stars Entertainment, he wrote, directed, and acted in “B.O.O.S.T.”, a film which he invested his time and money into for over a year to see the production through. His web series “NO KIDS. NO CRY. A Baby Mama Drama”, now gearing into its second season, was nominated for an Imagen Award. He writes and shoots music videos for the hip-hop group The Lone Stars with the most recent being “Algodón y V.I.N.O.” In September of 2015, PBS/World Channel began airing episode one of the award-winning documentary short “Overcomers”, a new docu-series for the American Graduate initiative, that he directed, co-created and co-produced. He is currently in post-production on a new Lone Stars Entertainment digital series titled “Highland Park” that he wrote, directed, produced and acts in.

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Director Statement

B.O.O.S.T. is based on a family member, but I’m telling this story through my eyes and my experience. I grew up in a home that struggled with these issues. Drugs, alcohol, and abuse, be it physical or verbal, were battles under my roof. Once I saw this dysfunctional cycle showing up in my life in a real way, I knew I had to get help. I was in a lot of pain from my past, and I used all that energy to put into my craft. I was very blessed to create a business partnership with Gabriela López de Dennis. While in counseling, I wrote a long, confusing first draft of about 130 pages for the feature. I had never written more than seven pages in 10 years, but Gabriela was able to read through the chaos and we both were able to find something deep in the story. It took months of rewrites and bouncing ideas back and forth. The goal is to give you something very real but entertain you at the same.

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Director: Jeremiah Joe Ocañas                 Writer: Jeremiah Joe Ocañas

Writer: Gabriela Lopez De Dennis            Producer: Gabriela Lopez De Dennis

Producer: Jeremiah Joe Ocañas                Producer: Jesus Gonzalez

Producer: Gabriel Luna                               Producer: Renee DeBevoise

Producer: Rafail Hernandez

Key Cast: Jeremiah Ocanas

Omar Garza

Kobie Washington

Santos Ocanas

Santiago Villalobos

Irma Rocha

Mia Ruiz