At the Wall

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A poem by two Mexican-American college students, both daughters of immigrants, who bravely speak on the recurring and painful situation at the Mexico/US border.

Director Biography – Sandra Varona

Sandra Ever Varona is a Los Angeles based producer with over 10 years of production experience as Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Line Producer. In the last couple of years Sandra found her passion of writing and directing. Sandra has been directing short content for brands as well as some music videos. She is currently writing her own feature among a few pilots, which she hopes to have produced in the near future.

Over the years, Varona has produced two feature films, many short films, music videos, and digital series. Her last feature film, SHINE, won the best picture at two film festivals, Urbanworld and the Sayulita Film Festival in Nayarit Mexico.

Sandra is the founder/director of Film Gals, a women-led organization that focuses on uplifting women cinematographers. Her personal mission is to hire POC, LGBTQ and all women in non-traditional roles.

Director Statement

Working on this project was foremost an honor since I came to the US as an immigrant through the same border. It was a full circle moment for me. I was now being hired to help tell a narrative of people who are where my parents and I were many years ago. It was a beautiful, eye opening experience directing this piece.

The video is based on a poem by two young ladies who were in High School at the time they wrote it, the poem has won some poetry slam contests. It talks about how they have been personally touched by immigration as daughters of immigrants as well as their perspective on the current situation at the border.

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