2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION | As We Say Goodbye directed by Jhosimar Vasquez



After being unwillingly separated from her mother, and brother Nicole will dedicate her last days to saving her brother’s life where he will meet her for the first in the operating room.


Director Biography

Jhosimar Vasquez grew up in Cusco peru. Raised by his parents and 4 older brothers. His family couldn’t do too much with their lives due to money problems. Jhosimar learned to work hard next to his family to seek for a better life. He learned to be humble, and to never forget were he came from if he ever became someone in this life. Moving from one country to another, arriving at Mexico was a total change in Jhosimar’s life. He was very young, but instantly absorbed something new. He observed how culture and people were different from place to place. He was amazed at the different extremes in population. He watched people be nice and mean, generous and selfish, polite and rude. A sense of attention grew in him making him want to show the reality he lived in to the world. Today Jhosimar lives in Los Angeles making films that tell the stories of people that live; Imperfect lives, lives that are as close to reality as his own personal story.

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Director Statement

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Death, Loss, Tragedy, and Sacrifice are things people can only truly understand by experience.
Watching my parents raise my brothers and I showed me a kind of strength I’ve found to be unique in life. No matter where we come from, how we look, or sound, what matters the most is the attitude we have towards life. The kind of people we are is reflected in our actions, it’s reflected on how we see the world and how we treat everyone around us.
Nicole’s story is a reflection of the world I’ve explained above. How a kind, brave young woman who’s lost everything to violence is able to have a heart full of hope and love. Such is her strength that despite her fragile condition, she is willing to sacrifice everything for her loved ones.
I believe these are the type of characteristics that should make a person stand out, and make a difference in this world. With this kind of inspirational people, hope is returned to the world.
My parents taught me to never forget where I come from. They taught me that greatness comes from within ourselves, and our willingness towards life. People that stand out for who they are and not for what they have, deserve to have a story like theirs be told.

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Director: Jhosimar Vasquez

Writer: Jhosimar Vasquez

Producer: Jhosimar Vasquez

Key Cast: Nicole Sucar