Alivestock Directed By Antonio Marquez

Join us live December 21st at 6pm PST for the live screening of Alivestock and an interview with director Antonio Marquez. For the live link, click the vimeo link here: https://vimeo.com/569480



Consuela, A young Mexican woman, must fight for her life and freedom to escape the clutches of sex-trafficking cowboys in this neo-Southwestern.


Director Biography – Antonio Márquez

Antonio Márquez is a 12th generation northern New Mexican and Southern Coloradan of the San Luis Valley. He comes from a family background of artists and agriculturalists and continues to practice both. He has written three produced short films and an feature-length screenplay featured in the 2016 Cinestory Writers Retreat. He has done two artistic residences in Mexico City, SOMA Summer and [r.a.t.] and continues practicing a vaquero lifestye and working on various film and music projects.

Director Statement

This is an unabashed genre work of rural-Chicanx cinema. I call it a neo-Southwestern, as it is a neo-western through a distinct Chicanx/Latinx lense. This film is about violence amongst ethnicity and gender and where it finds it’s way in the rural southwest. It is about toxic American Masculity and toxic Mexican Machismo and how a lone woman must fight past that when her very life and soul is as stake. –Antonio Márquez

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