Afterlife of Memory

This short film will screen with other short films in Block 12 | ZONA OSCURA
Sunday, December 11th at 4pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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To erase his trauma and be cleared for interstellar migration, Omar must alter the memory that ended his marriage but reconnecting with his ex-wife makes it difficult to say goodbye.

Director Biography – Jordan Fuller Vera

Jordan Fuller Vera is a Latino writer/director from Sitka, Alaska, who grew up working as a commercial fisherman while experimenting with documentary and narrative films. He received his BA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona and his MFA in screenwriting from UCLA. His work often focuses on exploring the human condition through subverting genre expectations.

Director Statement

I chose to write and direct this film because I would be a father. And a husband. And I was afraid of failure in both. This story was born from a place of fear, a moment I regret, but it grew along the way, helping me understand how to forgive and move forward. When you are about to have a child, a wave of reflection washes over you. It’s not just a wave but an ocean that surrounds. I did not want my hang-up to intrude on my new family. I want to be the adult my family deserves.
While watching this film, I wanted the audience to reflect on the power of choice in their lives and how fragile a relationship can be when people are unwilling to understand the needs of the other. The challenges in making this film came from every angle and at every step of the way. I self-financed the whole project, driven by the need to get this story out of me and explore this feeling that swelled in my stomach. It wasn’t until the film’s final cut that I realized the theme I was working toward. The last thing I did before submitting it to festivals was to change the film’s ending line. I wanted this film to represent moving forward in life and letting go of the past, no matter how beautiful or tragic it can be. I now believe that we must reconcile the past to create a future worth embracing.
This film will always have a valuable place in my life because it is the film I started as a single, childless filmmaker and ended three years later as a husband and father of two. My life was transformed during this production, as I cut the film during 3 am sessions after my daughter’s midnight bottle. This film grew with me as I learned to embrace my new role in life; I realized the beauty of every moment with someone I love. Family is what I had created, and I told a story about a man who lost his chance to build one. This film is important because it represents moving forward with optimism and letting go of a past that can bring you down. I learned not only to be a better filmmaker from this experience but also to be a better man. I want to create value in this world for my family and those around me.

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