2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION | A Prayer for the Lonely Directed by Felix Martiz


Laura leads group prayers but is going trough a ‘cold period’, a moment in which she questions her faith in people and prayer. Her Priest and friend Father Daniel asks her to look after an orphan for a day, reluctantly she agrees. Blanca, the orphan, helps Laura realize the power of prayer, faith and believing in someone.

Director: Felix Martiz

Award winning filmmaker Feliz Martiz was born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents.  The First Child of an Ecuadorian father and a Mexican mother, his cultural palette is vast. Raised in a household filled with uncles from both nationalities, he identifies with both cultures equally. Growing up, the only language spoken in his household was Spanish, making the Spanish language his native tongue. As a child he felt a disadvantage due English being his second language, he remembers the isolation and alienation that he once felt and channels those emotions when writing. His love for film came at a very young age, and he slowly noticed the lack of Latin faces in the films and television shows he watched. His love for film grew as he sought out Latin and foreign films. He attended the film program at Cal State University of Long Beach, where he focused on writing and directing Latin themed films. There was a sudden urgency to make the kind of films that his family and Spanish speaking audiences could see and feel included in. His Thesis Film, ‘La Paz’ was screened nation wide on PBS and the film went on to win the Cal Arts Rosebud Award for Best Student Short Film. ” I found a lot of pride and satisfaction in telling stories in my native language, that represented my cultural sensibilities.” After graduating from CSULB he wrote and directed a ‘no-budget indie’ film ‘Santiago’. The film was well received in many Festivals around the country and internationally, including the Chicago Latino Film Festival where it sold out the theater and validated his belief  that audiences want to see more Latin Films. His next short film ‘Amor Imposible” premiered  at LA ShortsFest and can currently be seen on Youtube as part of the PBS Shorts Shortcase. His last short film ‘El Altar de Soledad’ will premiere at The Official Latino Short Film Festival in NYC. He has wrapped another short film which he directed, ‘400Miles,’ and is in the pre-production for ‘Mia,’ which he will be film in October. He is also working towards his Masters Degree in Film Production from Mount St. Mary’s University. Furthering his education will hopefully open more doors so that he can continue to make films about the Latino Experience in America. ‘We have  so many stories that haven’t been told. Plus, I have worked with great actors and am happy that my stories and films give them an outlet to shine.  I’ve been told that making Spanish language films, especially in the short film format , limits my exposure in the industry. Luckily, there are Latino festivals such as this one where I get to share my art with an audience that appreciates the films that I make.”

Actors: Maritza Brikisak, Gisell Castillo, Michelle Prendes, James Garren
Written & Directed – Felix Martiz
Produced – Xiomara Castro
Cinematographer – Tristan Savage-Tate
Music – Matthew Brandon Carlson
Assistant Director Richard Handley