July 26, 2017

THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT directed by Alex Merkin

This Film will be showing in Block 7 as part of the American Diversity Block.
Saturday October 7, 2017 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan pawns his last possession and reconciles with his wife.
• Based on a short story by Fawzy Zablah, born of Palestinian descent and raised in El Salvador.

• This is the first film production for award winning  screenwriter/producer/quadriplegic, David J Schroeder. Including Schroeder, 5 disabled people raised the budget.

• Alex Merkin (ACROSS THE HALL) directs this suspenseful  story of self-deception and redemption.  Tommee May (BEAST OF NO NATION) produces.

• The lead role is by Emmy award winning actor Cuban-American Jordi Vilasuso; also, featuring actress Sheena Colette and Dave Yuzuk, and Miamian DP Tom Brunstetter.

• Bobby Tahouri (GAME OF THRONES) composes, and Jacob Cohen (FOXCATCHER) performs cello.



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Category: 2017 BLOCK 7, DRAMA